Macau roars to Gold 2007-11-02  MAIGOC

In an amazing performance Macau China Team won the third Gold medal of the II Asian Indoor Games. Already counting 2 Silver medals for Southern Lion - Public Stake Compulsory and Northern Lion - Optional Exercise and 1 Bronze for Dragon Dance - Compulsory Exercise the athletes have showed a great power of concentration throughout out the 2 days of competition.

“We are very satisfied with this Gold medal. I feel we were stable and very steady in all the exercises,” said Chan Chi Hou, athlete for Macau China.

“When compared with yesterday today we were much better because we were able to make it smooth and step up and increase the difficulty level,” he added.

The lion costume may be operated by a pair of dancers, forming the back and fore legs of the beast mimics the motions of a single animal as they move between platforms of varying elevations. The dance is traditionally accompanied by gongs, drums and firecrackers, representing the descent of good luck.