Futsal plays for final 2007-11-02  MAIGOC

The Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion held yesterday the semi finals in Futsal Male and Female categories. Iran, Thailand, China and Uzbekistan were the teams playing, in the morning and afternoon, the gold and bronze medal matches of tomorrow. With no losing matches Japan played against Vietnam winning 6 nil. As for Uzbekistan, in a very balanced game loses 1-2 against Thailand.

The male categories were also very exciting starting with the match between Iran and China, where Iran wins 7-1. In the next game Thailand won against Uzbekistan 4-1. Tomorrow the female categories will be playing for Gold between Thailand and Japan and Bronze between Thailand and Uzbekistan. In male category the match will start at one o'clock with Uzbekistan against China for the Bronze medal and Iran against Thailand for the God.