Saudi Arabia VS Sri Lanka – The Best of the Best 2007-11-01  MAIGOC

Kuwait, Iran, India, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia were the teams at the start list of Men's 4x400meters relay finals. A great race was expected to happen as teams showed their strong grip at the start line. As the race began Saudi Arabia team started in a good pace setting high speed for the other competitors. The audience was fired up by fans that motivated their teams from the seats. In the first 100 meters Saudi Arabia was comfortably ahead of Sri Lanka when the pursuit for Gold Medal began. After the second lap Sri Lanka was ahead and trying hard to keep up as Saudi Arabia was right behind. By the next round Sri Lanka was fighting hard to keep the lead which gave opportunity to Saudi Arabia grab the victory near the finishing line. Saudi Arabia won by Photo-finish in the men's Gold medal in 4x400m relay in 3:11:29, followed by Sri Lanka in 3:11:29, and Iran took the Bronze in 3:13.18. A photo finish occurs in a sporting race, when two (or more) competitors cross the finishing line at near the same time. The three day's Indoor Athletics events finished with Kazakhstan winning 4 Gold Medals, China 4, Thailand 2, India 2 and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Indonesia 1 each.