Swimming the Games away 2007-10-30  MAIGOC

Speed, emotions for victory and hopes up with sadness, were the main ingredients in the Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre, in Taipa, in the Short Course Swimming (25m) events.

China, Thailand, Hong Kong China, Korea, Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan and India, shared the medals in male and female categories of Freestyle 50m, Breaststroke 100m Final, Individual Medley 200m Final, Medley Relay 4 x 50m Final.

Macau China almost won bronze in Medley Relay 4 x 50m Final, which included Victor Wong Wing Cheung, the young swimmer whose hopes rise during the Bangkok Indoor Games.

China was leading the medal tally with seven medals (2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze), followed by Thailand with four (2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze).

In spite of the 2 Gold medals and one Silver Hong Kong was third in the general medal tally of swimming.

The competition will continue tomorrow at 10h in the Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre, especially at female and male 50m backstroke, 100m Butterfly e Relay Medley 4x100m.