51st OCA EB Meeting held in Macao, Silvério made mid-term report 2007-10-30  MAIGOC

Attended by all board members, the 51st OCA Executive Board Meeting was held yesterday under the chair of its president, H.E. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah. Work reports were made on different areas by the deputy presidents representing the 5 Asian regions, the vice presidents and representatives from the organising committees of the next editions of Asian Games, Asian Winter Games, Asian Indoor Games and Asian Beach Games, and the standing committee presidents.

OCA's vice-president and MAIGOC's chairman, Manuel Silvério briefed the status of the 2AIG now processing in Macao. He indicated that the 2AIG is a new stage of Macao’s sports history and hoped the Games could announce the new look and image of Macao worldwide in various ways.

The Games has involved more than 23, 000 persons until now. The first three days of events have attracted over 13,000 spectators to watch the live show in the venue, making a full house in many sports facilities of the Games – example to prove both the competing and attracting features of the events. Silvério is happy the 2AIG is leading more people to have a closer look on some less popular sports, successfully diversifying the sports circle in Asia. His thanks especially goes to all NOC members for their involvement and support which make this edition of Asian Indoor Games a success and a contribution to develop the sports that are included neither in the Olympics nor the Asian Games.

HE Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah expressed in a press conference earlier that the success of the Games in Macao has set another milestone for the development of the AIG. This edition presents 151 events under 17 sports and 3 demonstration sports, both emerging and conventional, a realization of the objective to diversify the Asian sports circle and attract more young people to the circle. Silvério mentioned in the EB meeting that Macao’s experience in the 4th East Asian Games and the 1st Lusofonia Games has well equipped the host city to organize the 2AIG and prepared the city to contribute even more to the Asian sports circle. Silvério expects his work team could present a post-Games report with more details to OCA at an early stage after its conclusion, trying to share with his counterparts in Asia and, even across the world, the joy and hardship together with experience of the organising committee.

Better media service to promote new sports in Asia

Later in the meeting, Manuel Silvério, in his capacity of the President of the Media Committee, presented his annual plan regarding television broadcast, marketing and media services to the members, out of which, making stronger relationship with media and further promotion in large-size meetings of the activities under the OCA umbrella are the main tasks. The committee is considering setting up rules and regulations for media service in each Asian Game event, through which the committee hopes to help the media and organizing committees to make better promotion and management plan. Silvério welcomes comments from the members and media, making contribution to the development of Asian sports circle.

The 1,303m2 Main Press Center of the 2AIG is set at the headquarters hotel – The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. Working in Macao during the games period include approximately 1,000 media workers, who generally are satisfied with the service provided by the organizing committee. This edition of Asian Indoor Games is broadcast to 55 countries and regions by 16 television stations, together with 3 mobile service providers and 3 internet media organizations, jointly making the signal production time 260 hours. Silvério considers the media, television broadcast and marketing programs in this newborn sports meet have much room to improve. In the meeting, he expressed his gratitude to the media, signal transmission organizations, sponsors and partners, and looks forwards the standards that Macao has set for the games can lead more people in Asia to realize the appeal of the sports meet.