Finswimming for Victory 2007-10-29  MAIGOC

Swimmers from all over Asia have entered the 2 days Finswimming competition held at the Macau Olympic Aquatic Centre. With high attendance from the public men and women participated in the categories of surface 50m, 100m, 200m and 4x200m. Swimmers fusing snorkel and fins rushed to the finish line in search of medals and glory. China won 7 Gold medals and 3 Silver. Republic of Korea got to take home one Gold, four Silver and 3 Bronze medals, Japan 1 Silver and 1 Bronze and Vietnam and Kazakhstan received 3 and one Bronze respectively.

Macau China team in spite of showing low results at Finswimming pushed the crowed to cheer for the swimmers at the 4x200 relay showing the thru spirit of sports in Asia.