OCA Merit Medal goes to Edmund Ho 2007-10-29  MAIGOC

Taking the 2nd Asian Indoor Games, OCA banqueted the participating NOCs last night. HE Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah, President of OCA, and Chief Executive Edmund Ho met before the welcome dinner, sharing comments on the achievement of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games and the development trend and present status of the sports circle of Asia. Present over the conversation are Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Fernando Chui Sai On, Chairman Manuel Silvério of the Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee, Eddie Lam Wah Ying of the Macau Olympic Committee, chefs-de-mission and high-rank officials.

In the dinner section, approximately 500 participants were there. OCA president, in his remark, extended his warm welcome to the sports delegations for the 2AIG, and wish them the best performance. His Excellency affirms the effort that MAIGOC has made to make the games a success, and the important contribution to make the newborn Asian Indoor Games a great progress.

Particular arrangement was made by OCA to award a merit medal to Chief Executive Edmund Ho of the host city, an affirmation of the leader’s contribution to the development of the Asian sports circle. In his tenancy as the president of the Macau Olympic Committee, Edmund Ho started to make effort to push the local sports circle closer to the international community and towards the fame of professionalism. Further action was taken after he was designated as the Chief Executive of the SAR government in 1999 by paying great support to the 4th East Asian Games in 2005, 1st Lusofonia Games in 2006 and this edition of Asian Indoor Games this year.

Hironoshin Furuhashi, former president of the Japanese Olympic Committee and top swimmer of Japan, is another sports celebrity that received OCA Gold Emblem on that occasion, a reward for his long-term effort to Asia in terms of sports.