"Sk8er Boi" in Macau 2007-10-28  MAIGOC

Macau's only representative of Skateboard – Park displayed his constant passion on skateboard this afternoon at Macau University of Science of Technology Pavilion.

Luciano Castihlo Lameiras, 20, is a high school student with seven years' experience of riding skateboard. He told the reporter that he was not very nervous despite the fact that it was first time to compete on behalf of Macau. Why?

Passion, experience and opportunity all drive him to today's competition. Started as an interest, skateboard becomes Luciano's passion. Although in his 20, he already conceives an idea of establishing the first association of Skateboard in Macau in the future. He partook in this kind of competition previously in different locations in the Mainland, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Guangzhou, in which he has accumulated valuable experiences. The 20-year-old admitted that he never has any team mate but friends whom share same interest with him, and they often practice skateboard on street or in square.

Like other X Sports, Luciano mentioned that skateboard riding requires agility, flexibility, high level of physical exertion, and excellent skills include balance and control in skateboard.

Ranking 9th today in the game, Luciano believes the success to future is to keep it going and never give up.