Thai flips above 2007-10-28  MAIGOC

Action and passion were on display at the X Sports today, Thai athletes on BMX stole the show though.

The actions of flying and spinning definitely grip the spectators' heartbeats at Macau University of Science and Technology Pavilion on the third day of X Sports event. After the excellent performance in Inline Stunt and BMX Freestyle – Big Air event yesterday, Thai athletes continued pursuing their fifth and sixth medals in X Games this morning.

BMX Freestyle -Park riders Wanitsakul Kiattichai and his team mate Wanitsakul Chokchai showed enormous passion and splendid flipping took one more gold and silver medals into Thailand's pocket. Among them, the champion took the first position with 94 points, around 5 and 10 respectively over the silver and bronze holder.

"I'm really happy," covering by a brown cap, the gold medal's athlete revealed his excitement to the media, "this is my second time to win this game in the Asian Indoor Games."

Applauds, cheers, and constant grips were throughout the event. X Sports, also called action sport, began in 1995 and is considered as a stunning spectacle, having a certain level of danger and often involving speed, height and high demand of physical effort.