Futsal at Preliminaries 2007-10-28  MAIGOC

Even in the friendly setting of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games a futsal match is always an exiting show to watch.

Saturday afternoon women category played the preliminary matches between 6 teams. Vietnam draw with Uzbekistan in the first match showed a very balanced game were the ladies fought hard to keep their defense and offense. The second match was rough on Thailand who lost against Japan 2-3. The final match was claimed by Iran with a clear victory against Malaysia 13-1.

As for the Men’s category they were 4 matches. In spite of showing superiority along the game the Kyrgyzstan team lost 0-1 against Lebanon who scored right at the first half and improved the defenses throughout the game preventing the opposite team from scoring. As for match between Iran and Saudi Arabia the dominance of the Iranian team was obvious obtaining a result of 15-0. Timor Leste and Qatar played the 11th game of the preliminary round by 1-19. The final match of the day was China against Kuwait in a very energetic and fierce fight for top seed place at the group D.