Artistic Cycling Events end in Good Results 2007-10-27  MAIGOC

The artistic cycling competition ended its 2AIG appearance with two final events in Women Pair and Men Single. The first official day after the grand opening of the Games was highlighted with two more medals for the Macao China team who one Gold medal in the men singles category and one Silver in women pair.

The Women Pair Final winners Lo Wai Man and Mui Ho Yee from Hong Kong China beat with 253.83 points the team from Macau China who scored 236.50 points and Thailand with 232.70 points.

As for the Men Single Wong Hang Cheong from Macao China besides winning another gold medal for the “home team” also set a new Games Record with 322.46 points. The runner up was Yu Sum Yee Samuel from Hong Kong China and Ekkalak Khonchoho from Thailand.