Cue sports open rounds 2007-10-27  MAIGOC

There were no surprises on day one in the Women’s 8-Ball Pool Singles competition at Macau 2007. All of the top-seeded athletes enjoyed a bye in the Round of 32, with only four actual matches being played, and only two of those involving top-seeded players. Singapore’s Shu Wah Hoe was tested by Korea’s Eun Ji Park, but Shu Wah Hoe eventually prevailed 7-6. Other competitors advancing were Thailand’s S. Jaisuekul and Moulrudree Vujanic, as well as Yukkiko Hamanishi of Japan.

During the morning period Women 8-Ball Pool Singles Quarter-Finals and Men's Snooker Singles Tournament in a Round of 64 were also played. The women’s category will present tomorrow morning the semi-finals and the finals in the afternoon. As for the Men's Snooker Singles Tournament another round will be played tomorrow also. The competition continues this afternoon, with Men's One-Cushion Carom Singles Tournament Pre-Quarter Final, Men's Snooker Singles Tournament Round of 32 and Women's 8-Ball Pool Singles Tournament Quarter Final.