Specially trained torch bearers light the 2AIG Cauldron 2007-10-27  MAIGOC

A public selection program was launched by the Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee late September to select the sacred flame carrier for the Games, which attracted more than 30 applications from the local citizens. The applicants are mainly young people and most of them are athletes. Interviews were conducted by groups by MAIGOC at its headquarters. General Director Zhao Gang and the Chief Technician responsible for the production of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Games evaluated the applicants based on their images, speaking styles and body flexibilities. All were required to go through some movement tests designated by the director and the chief technician.

After a series of demanding tests, Sou Sok Leng, a hip-hop dancer, Lou Chi Ieong, a dancing teacher and Chu Chin Tou, a physical education teacher were selected the finalists, who received a 5-day intensive training in Beijing starting on October 1. With determination and effort, Chu Chin Tou overcame many difficulties throughout the training and finally won the selection. In the Opening Ceremony of the Games on October 26, Chu, in a sparkling skateboard player look, flied over the sky on a skateboard to light up the cauldron. Sou, who received the torch from the athletes representing 5 regions, passed it to Chu on a 44m high podium, where Lou was standing-by as a substitute. In the course of one month preparation, the three candidates well illustrate the good qualities and ambitions that Macao people always bear, which has earned much appreciation and gratitude from MAIGOC.

Chu Chin Tou, aged 24, is currently a physical education teacher at Tong Sin Tong Middle School of Macau. A sports fan since his early age, he started his sporting journey right after graduating from the secondary school by taking a bachelor degree course at the Macao Polytechnic Institute with a major in Physical Education and Sports, trying to realize his dream to educate the next generation and put sports closer to daily life. Chu recalled what he remarked on the application form, “As a native local, I feel extremely proud that Macao is able to host large-size activities of various kinds and eager to be part of it. It will be the most memorable moment in my life if I can light up the cauldron in my lovely home town”. After the impressive performance in the ceremony, Chu particularly thanked his working institute and his family for their understanding and support since the selection. He said it is the good luck that brings him stand out of the selection, which he dared not to think it really came true. Despite there were occasions when he did feel fear of height, he determined not to let anybody down. Thanks to the professional technician, Chu overcame many psychological difficulties in Beijing and finally, representing Macao, presented a wonderful lighting to the entire world. Chu also paid special thanks to MAIGOC and CCTV for their special care and considerate arrangement. Chu said the moment that lights the cauldron also lights up his future, making he feel so proud being a local in Macao.