Manuel Silvério attended ASPU EB Meeting 2007-10-27  MAIGOC

The Executive Board Meeting of the Asian Sports Press Union was held yesterday, the same day when the opening ceremony of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games took place. In his capacities of OCA Vice-president, Chairman of the Media Committee of OCA and Chairman of MAIGOC, Manuel Silvério updated in the meeting the press representatives from around the world with the plans and development of OCA as well as the newly-emerged games events in Asia. He also encouraged the press to report the games and the host city during their stay in Macao.

Silvério expressed his appreciation to ASPU for its participation in the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. He is pleased to take the ASPU EB meeting to introduce the plans and aspirations of OCA, which he considers an important occasion to strengthen the mutual cooperation among the members and continue the development of the sport circle of Asia. Silvério said OCA is realizing its mission to diversify the sporting circle and enhance the development of both conventional and new sports by encouraging the young people to participate further in sporting events.

To fulfil these missions, OCA has created, after deliberation and studies, Asian Indoor Games and Asian Beach Games in the calendar alongside with the Asian Games and Asian Winter Games. Throughout the whole course, great support has been shown by NOCs and governments, which hope to develop their own city and promote its own profile in the international community through hosting sporting event. In addition to the 2nd Asian Indoor Games hosted by Macao, there are more than 10 Asian cities which are going to take the post of host city one after another for the upcoming multi-sports games. In fact, more and more Asian countries are eager to bid for the host right for Asian events.