Maldives Marks the First Flag Raising Ceremony 2007-10-23  MAIGOC

Yesterday (22nd) marks the start of the series of flag raising ceremonies of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games at the Sai Van Lake Square at 6:00p.m. Maldives, the first participating country having the Flag Raising Ceremony, sent a delegation of 14 members to attend. The Chairman of MAIGOC Manuel Silverio delivered a welcome speech on behalf of MAIGOC to express the welcome from the host city.

The 14 members include chef-de-mission Ahmad Hafiz and 2 NOC officials, 5 Cue Sports representatives and 6 Chess Sports representatives. The ceremony began with the live play of the anthem of Maldives by the Public Security Police Band, accompanied by the hosting of the national flag. In his welcome speech, Chairman of MAIGOC Manuel Silvério expressed his warm welcome to the delegation and denoted that the Organising Committee shall spare no effort to meet every need from the participants in the following 9 days of exciting events, with the hope to impress all participants by the considerate arrangement in all aspects. The ceremony was concluded by a speech by Maldives and exchange of souvenirs.

The Flag Raising Ceremonies of The 2nd Asian Indoor Games will be held between Monday, October 22 and Friday, October 26 at the Sai Van Lake Square in front of the Macau Tower. Macao China shall have its ceremony at 18:00 on October 23, where your participation is most welcome.