China-Macau Autosport Club: Transportation System of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games will not affect the Traffic of Macao 2007-10-21  MAIGOC

The 2nd Asian Indoor Games Transportation Test Event was officially finished yesterday (21 October), China-Macau Autosport Club (ACMC), as MAIGOC partnership, is responsible for organizing the transportation system of the test event as well as during the Games. Representative from ACMC indicated that the transportation system can satisfy the requirement from the participants, without burdening the traffic load in Macao.

Consultant of China-Macau Autosport Club (ACMC) Carlos Gonçalves Mendonça Barreto indicated that the transportation systems of the loop buses and the transportation service for the sport delegations and guests during the Games, as well as the coordination between the participating drivers and staff of the command department were successfully tested. The testing result will be sent to MAIGOC with the updated arrangement for the system. Carlos Gonçalves Mendonça Barreto said that the problems found during the test event will help the transportation system used during the Games in smoother operation.

200 limousines and 20 buses were used, 340 transportation staff including 220 drivers participated in the Transportation Test Event. Carlos Gonçalves Mendonça Barreto indicated that a larger-scale of transportation teams will be sent out for the Games, with 300 limousines and over 130 buses will be used as well as over thousand of staff will be participating in the transportation system during the Games. However, Carlos Gonçalves Mendonça Barreto emphasized that the entire scheme for the routes of the transportation service were in advance planned and approved by the traffic department of Macao, and believed that no influence on the traffic of Macao will appear during the Games.