MAIGOC Satisfied with the Final Result of the Extreme Sports Test Event 2007-10-21  MAIGOC

A 2-day Extreme Sports Test Event was finally finished yesterday (21 October). The Technical Delegate of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Extreme Sports event Apichat Rutnin felt satisfied with the test event and is confident of the official competition on 26 October will be further smoothly run.

After finishing the test event, Skateboard, BMX Freestyle and Inline Stunt Technical Delegates of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Extreme Sports event, President of Asian Extreme Sports Federation (A.X.F.) Apichat Rutnin expressed that the overall competition can be in smooth operation, the test event help all the staff gain enough warm-up and operation experience, adjustments and improvements for the details of the competition are still necessary to carry out. He believed that audiences watching the Extreme Sports competition between 26 October and 3 November will be excited and happy.

BMX Freestyle, Inline Stunt and Skateboard – Park (Final) and BMX Freestyle and Inline Stunt – Best Technique (Final) were held yesterday on schedule. Players from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia felt free to perform even more difficult maneuvers after familiarizing the venue in the 1-day competition, heating up the atmosphere with marvelous performance.

Players introduced that the Park events are known for the combination and creativity of different maneuvers, Extreme Sports players not only are encouraged to perform difficult maneuvers, but also by means of gaining higher points, each player should observe the opponents and perform distinctive maneuvers. The most challenging events for the Extreme Sports players must be the Best Technique events, due to the players are required to perform all the designated maneuvers repeatedly within the limited duration, testing players’ technique and energy. Technical Delegate Apichat Rutnin said, “Extreme Sports is a kind of sport needs continuous strict training. In order to avoid any accidents and dangers, youngsters players must be directed by professional trainers. However, one thing can be sure is that courage, confidence and perseverance can be built in the youngsters during the training, making them brave to bear hardships and to be patient.”

The 2nd Asian Indoor Games Extreme Sports competition will start between 26 October – 28 October and 30 October – 2 November at M.U.S.T. Pavilion. All Games Passes are free to distribute to public at CTM Shops, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, 2 Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Official Souvenir Shops (Shops at Leal Senado Square and Ruins of St. Paul) and the distribution counters at all venue entrances.

Final Results of the 2-day Extreme Sports Test Event:

BMX Freestyle–Park

  Gold–Thawatchai Kwammann (Thailand, 78.66 points),

  Silver–Charnwit Kaewsanaenai(Thailand,77.66 points),

  Bronze–Heng Kai Xian (Singapore, 74.33 points)

Inline Stunt–Park

  Gold–Sunchai Sorasak (Thailand, 59.33 points),

  Silver–Chakrit Bunnak (Thailand, 56.00 points),

  Bronze–Peerapat Pisalsan (Thailand, 55.83 points)


  Gold–Sten Valen (Thailand, 81.66 points),

  Silver–Indra Leonardo (Indonesia, 78.00 points),

  Bronze–Muhammad Rizuwan Bin Zaka (Singapore, 74.00 points)

BMX Freestyle-Best Technique

  Gold-Thawatchai Kwammann(Thailand,90 points),

  Silver–Lam Ho Yin (Hong Kong,China,80 points),

  Bronze–Heng Kai Xian (Singapore, 70 points)

Inline Stunt-Best Technique

  Gold–Kornpitak Pinyoworapoj (Thailand,90 points),

  Silver–Ekachai Sawatdee (Thailand, 80 points),

  Bronze–Worajit Siriphamote (Thailand, 70 points)