M.U.S.T. Pavilion Officially Launch Yesterday Extreme Sports Players from Five Countries invited to Test the Venue 2007-10-20  MAIGOC

MAIGOC is hosting the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Extreme Sports Test Event yesterday at M.U.S.T. Pavilion, the first activity being held after its inauguration. 36 top extreme sports players from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia were invited to test the venue and to participate in the test event competition. Skateboard, BMX Freestyle and Inline Stunt Technical Delegates of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Extreme Sports event, President of Asian Extreme Sports Federation (A.X.F.) Apichat Rutnin (THA) and Honorary President of Asian Extreme Sports Federation as well as Competition Director of the Extreme Sports Test Event Eddie Goh, to direct the overall competition and from time to time gave opinions to MAIGOC on the venue condition.

Yesterday, M.U.S.T Pavilion surrounded with excitement and dynamics with the Disk Jockey playing some powerful music, over 700 audiences can be accommodated in the venue at the same time. Some of the players participated in the Skateboard, BMX Freestyle and Inline Stunt – Park (Preliminary Round), and the Skateboard – Best Technique (Final) was held in the evening. Lee Ka Lung (Hong Kong, 90 points), Mohamad Fuad Saifullah (Malaysia, 80 points) and Julian Tamma (Indonesia, 70 points) were awarded respectively with gold, silver and bronze medal by performing difficult maneuvers. Participants expressed that they basically felt satisfied with the venue and anticipated that more difficult and unexpected maneuvers will be shown in today (21 October) competition. According to yesterday competition, three of the BMX Freestyle Players from Thailand, Charnwit Kaewsanaenai, Thawatchai Kwammann and Jukkrit Tong-on had been performing extra-difficult maneuvers during the competition, gaining lots of wonder and applause from both the audiences and players, all are worth to paying attention to

The last day competition of the test event starting from 12:00 to 20:00 today, with BMX Freestyle, Inline Stunt and Skateboard – Park (Final), as well as the BMX Freestyle and Inline Stunt – Best Technique (Final) are open to the public. For those who bring along the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Accreditation Card can go to the appointed bus stops to take the shuttle bus provided by MAIGOC to get to the venue, moreover, opinions on the transportation service are welcomed.