First Day of the Transportation Test Event in Smooth Operation 2007-10-20  MAIGOC

Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee held the first-day Transportation Test Event yesterday (20 October), to test the first time the efficiency of the transportation to be used during the Games, with over 200 vehicles were used in the test event.

The test event for yesterday was divided into two parts: The first part was the use of 8 buses for testing the 4 loop bus routes of the Games. The 4 loop bus routes are respectively Hotel Regency to M.U.S.T., Venetian Resort Hotel to Luso-Chinese School Pavilion, Venetian Resort Hotel to I.P.M. Multisport Pavilion & Macao Forum, Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion to Macao East Asian Games Dome (Macao Dome), with bus departing every 60 minutes at opposite bus stops. In addition, the Extreme Sports Test Event being held yesterday, MAIGOC had the opportunity to test the transportation system for receiving athletes and guests. Over 200 vehicles including buses, 7-seaters and limousines were used to test the round trips from athletes and guests hotels to main venues, Macau Ferry Terminal, Barrier Gate and Macau International Airport etc. MAIGOC is satisfied with the first day result of the test. After finishing the two-day test event today (21 October), MAIGOC will collect opinions on the transportation system from all participants, drivers and passengers, to further improve the transportation service which will begin to operate few days after.