Preview of the Events on 20-21 October 2007-10-19  MAIGOC

The 2nd Asian Indoor Games Transportation Test Event to be held on 20 & 21 October


Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee held the Transportation Test Event today and tomorrow (20 & 21 October), all MAIOGC staff, volunteers, staff of the contractors and the media who bring along the valid Accreditation Card of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games with the transportation code (T4 or above) are welcomed to try out and give opinions on the Games’ four loop bus routes. The time of transportation service will be from 16:00 to 20:00 today and from 9:00 to 18:00 tomorrow. Bus will depart every 60 minutes at opposite bus stops and the four loop bus routes for the test event will be (see the attached map):


A Route (Hotel Regency to M.U.S.T.):

Hotel Regency → Nam Sun → Macao Stadium → Venetian Resort Hotel → Macao East Asian Games Dome → M.U.S.T. Pavilion


B Route (Venetian Resort Hotel to Venues in Macao Peninsula):

Venetian Resort Hotel → I.P.M Multisport Pavilion & Macao Forum → Workers Sport Pavilion (Barrier Gate) → Luso-Chinese School Pavilion


C Route (Venetian Resort Hotel to Chinese Library):

Venetian Resort Hotel → Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion → Chinese Library → I.P.M. Multisport Pavilion & Macao Forum


D Route (Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion to Macao East Asian Games Dome):

Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion → I.P.M. Multisport Pavilion → Macao Stadium → M.U.S.T Pavilion → Venetian Resort Hotel → Macao East Asian Games Dome


Aside from the loop bus test event, a series of test events and rehearsal of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games will be held at this weekend. The transportation service for those guests assigned with transportation code (T1 to T3) is also one of the test items included in the Transportation Test Event in order to get opinions and requirements from the relative participants.


Launch of M.U.S.T. Pavilion

The 2nd Asian Indoor Games Extreme Sports Test Event to be held Today


MAIGOC is hosting the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Extreme Sports Test Event from today (20 October) to tomorrow at M.U.S.T. Pavilion, the first activity being held after its inauguration. Top extreme sports players from Hong Kong and Thailand are invited to test the venue and to perform difficult maneuvers.


Today’s competition schedule will be the Skateboard, BMX Freestyle and Inline Stunt – Park (Preliminary Round) and Skateboard – Best Technique (Final). During the event, Disk Jockey will play dance music to heat up the atmosphere. Citizens are welcomed to come and experience in advance the excitement and dynamics at the M.U.S.T. Pavilion before the opening of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games.


A Series of Test Events and Rehearsal for a Weekend of 2nd Asian Indoor Games Activities


In addition, 57 Macao athletes will be participating in the Indoor Athletics Test Event tomorrow (21 October) from 11:00 to 12:00 at the Macao East Asian Games Dome Arena. Some of them are going to compete in the Indoor Athletics event during the Games. Aside from being the last warm-up activity for the staff, the test event is also another opportunity for the Macao athletes to get familiar with the lanes and facilities in the venue.


Rehearsals of the Swimming event and the Flag-Raising Ceremony will be other events for tomorrow other than the Indoor Athletics Test Event. Relative staff will rehearse at the designated locations. Although the 2nd Asian Indoor Games will be officially hosted between 26 October and 3 November, many activities related to the Games are being held consecutively. All the citizens and tourists can participate in the Games now without waiting for the opening of the Games until 26 October.

Extreme Sports Test Event

Venue: M.U.S.T. Pavilion

Date: 20-21 October, 2007

Competition Schedule:








Skateboard - Park (Preliminary)


BMX Freestyle - Park (Preliminary)


Inline Stunt - Park (Preliminary)


Skateboard - Best Technique (Final)




BMX Freestyle - Park (Final)


Inline Stunt - Park (Final)


Skateboard - Park (Final)


BMX Freestyle - Best Technique (Final)


Inline Stunt - Best Technique (Final)


Awarding Ceremony


Indoor Athletics Test Event

Venue: Macao East Asian Games Dome (Macao Dome)

Date: 21 October, 2007

Competition Schedule:







Men’s 60m


Women’s 60m


Men’s High Jump


Women’s Long Jump


Men’s 1500m


Men’s 4x400m


Women’s 4x400m