2nd Asian Indoor Games, Macao Mission and Duty 2007-10-16  MAIGOC

  “Many challenges, changes and unlimited confrontations” were constant in the preparation process of the Games. However, as the old saying goes “opportunities lie in dangers”, MAIGOC Chairman Manuel Silvério emphasized that the objectives and missions of hosting the 2nd Asian Indoor Games are the most important things to bear in mind.

  The Asian Indoor Games, a biennial event, is one of the sporting events being created by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) following the Asian Winter Games, Asian Beach Games, and the Asian Games that is held every four years, providing a sport gathering for Asia every year, to create more plans by the host city to train teenagers and opportunities for athletes to participate in the competitions.

  “When compared to the East Asian Games and Lusofonia Games, our leading role in many aspects of organising the 2nd Asian Indoor Games has become narrower, as we are under the supervision of OCA. However, Macao being one of the members of Olympic Council of Asia, it is our responsibility to make the contribution to sports and to foster friendship in different regions of Asia. On the other hand, the hosting of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games is also our contribution to Macao for promoting its image to every part of Asia through sport.” said MAIGOC Chairman Manuel Silvério.

  One third of the world population is from Asia and in Asia there is an estimation of over 116 dialects. The unity of the whole nation, the reinforcement of exchange and integration of every region are very important under the consideration of multi-nationality. MAIGOC Chairman Manuel Silvério said, “A sporting event is an important process to learn different cultures and get to know different people. No matter you are a guest of the Games, an audience or a TV viewer, the understanding between people of Asia can be deepened and the friendship can also be fostered through the large-scale sporting event.”

  The development of the large-scale sporting events in Asia has been enthusiastically carrying out in these few years. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Bali 2008 Asian Beach Games, Hanoi 2009 Asian Indoor Games, Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games, World Games 2009 Kaohsiung, Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, Doha 2011 Asian Indoor Games, Almaty 2011 Asian Winter Games will be held after the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. The series of large-scale sporting events in Asia will be hosted one by one with Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games being the first one to disclose the prologue.

  MAIGOC Chairman also said, “Comparing with other sporting events, there is another mission for the Asian Indoor Games to promote the development of sports that are neither included in the Olympic Games nor in the Asian Games in the regions of Asia. Most of these sports have been neglected for a long time, with many traditional sports to be passed on to the future generations within the regions. The hosting of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games is one way to undertake this important mission. MAIGOC will continue to promote more competition sports to the public during the Games period, in order to let more people know more about the attractive and appealing sporting program, so that more people can participate in these sporting events in the future.”

  The 2nd Asian Indoor Games being one of the large-scale sporting events in Asia has attracted the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad and Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee to dispatch study delegations to participate in work at the Games. Some large-scale meeting will be held during the Games by many international sport and media organizations, the delegations of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, Bali 2008 Asian Beach Games, Hanoi 2009 Asian Indoor Games, Doha 2011 Asian Indoor Games and World Games 2009 Kaohsiung will also arrive at Macao to join the promotion work, with the participation from the above units, the achievement of the reinforcement of the exchange and friendship will surely be seen. On the other hand, this is an important opportunity to promote Macao and one of the most important values and objectives for the hosting of the large-scale multi-sport event.