General Meeting for encouraging MAIGOC staff to Spare no Effort to host the Games for Macao 2007-10-16  MAIGOC

  A General Meeting was held in Macao Stadium Pavilion yesterday (16 Oct). Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organizing Committee (MAIGOC) hoped the meeting would help encourage 383 working staff and temporary staff from other government departments to complete the last 20 day schedule of 2AIG with insisting earnest spirit, and to keep dedicating their greatest effort to this big local event.

  Beside the 383 MAIGOC staff and temporary staff, technicians responsible for other sections have also joined the meeting. MAIGOC Chairman Manuel Silvério felt impressive on the reunion of new and old staff, most of which have together experienced the 4th East Asian Games and 1st Lusofonia Games. He also appreciates the long term support given by each public organization and their staff working temporarily in MAIGOC. He said that although the conditions and resources might not be the best among past games held in Macao, MAIGOC wishes all staff could enjoy the work and resolve all challenges based on present resources.

  “The volume of 2AIG is the biggest among the past games held in Macao. MOC had already updated their standard of organizing the game. In more than 10 days, we will keep our shoulders heavy and busy. I hope we could forgive all the mistakes neglected by MAIGOC and work hard for the purpose of bettering the Games.”

  For strengthening the bridge between each department, MAIGOC introduced the duties of directors during the Games to front line staff. Staff Manuals and Contact Lists were also distributed. MAIGOC encourages all staff to bear this idea – “As a friendly ambassador of Macao, to contribute to our own city, to be considerable and to solve problems for MAIGOC no matter during or after work.”

  Since year 2005, Macao has held 3 multisport events in a row. Macau 2007, 2nd Indoor Asian Games will commence from 26 Oct. The number of participating countries and regions, and the number of accommodated athletes and guests of 2AIG are the largest compared with that of the past 2 games. Many training had been provided for MAIGOC staff during the preparation of the games. Some professionals in local large enterprises were have also garnished training experiences in the previous games organizing committees, and now contribute their brilliant and outstanding skills of organizing big event to the community.

  Manuel Silvério said, “We are clear in mind that 2AIG is a real hard battle, on the other hand, a great long term investment for Macao. I hope every participant will overcome their hardship, to construct the platform for 2AIG, and to perform a good show for Macao. 2AIG will leave us with wonderful memories, and will leave Macao a lot of resources. All of us will become the most important part of it.”