AIG Opening Ceremony Torch Bearer Finalists Start Training in Beijing Today 2007-09-30  MAIGOC

  3 candidates were selected Torch Bearers of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Opening Ceremony yesterday (30 Sept), who departed from the Macao International Airport today for a 5-day training session in Beijing, after which one of them will take on the mission to light up the Torch Tower at the Opening Ceremony.

  The Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) received more than 30 local applications in an open activity of torch bearer selection for the Opening Ceremony of the Games. Group interviews were arranged at the MAIGOC Headquarters, where the applicants were judged by the General Director of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies Zhao Gang, technical production representatives and representative of MAIGOC. The judgment was based on the applicant’s background, image, conversation and body coordination, and they had to move according to the request of the General Director and technical representative. In addition, the participants in yesterday’s interview were mostly young people and athletes.

  After rounds of examination, Sou Sok Leng (student), Luís Lourenço (dance coach) and Chu Chin Tou (sport teacher) were chosen the 3 finalists, who have set off early this morning for a special training session held in Beijing. Upon accomplishment of their training on 5 October, one of them will be selected to take on the mission as the torch bearer in this edition’s Asian Indoor Games Opening Ceremony and light up the Torch Tower in a special way.

  MAIGOC Chairman Manuel Silvério thanked all the applicants in this activity and appreciated the passion of the local people in the participation which is vital for the success of the Games. “I hope they will keep on supporting the activities of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games, and I wished these 3 young finalists can give their best while enjoying their trainings in Beijing,” said the spokesman.

  Sou Sok Leng is a student and a street dancer. Luís Lourenço, also a street dancer, is a dance coach who won many Macao, Hong Kong and American street dance competitions. Chu Chin Tou has a bachelor degree in sports and is at present a teacher in physical education.