IT Command Centre Officially Launched Yesterday 2007-09-25  MAIGOC

  The Information Technology Command Centre (ITCC) of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games was officially launched yesterday (25 September). During the Games period, from 26 October to 3 November, as well as on and after this period, over 20 IT experts and managers, database administrators and Network experts, will operate at the ITCC for monitoring, analyzing and solving the problems, to support every computer system operated during the Games. Over 200 IT personnel will also be participating in the supporting service for the overall Sporting Program.

  The 2nd Asian Indoor Games Information Technology Command Centre (ITCC) has been established at the Data Centre of Macao East Asian Games Dome. MAIGOC presented to the mass media the operation system and installation of the ITCC on the launching day (25 September), utilizing the hardware facilities resources used in 2005 East Asian Games and 2006 Lusofonia Games. During the Games period, professional technicians in different fields related to IT, will be assigned by the ITCC, to monitor and analyze the Management System, Operation System, Result Management System and Supporting System used in the Games. The monitoring will cover 11 competition venues and other games facilities including the Main Accreditation Centre, Headquarters Hotel AD Centre, Games HQ Office, Main Press Centre (MPC), International Broadcast Centre (IBC) as well as Macao Ports (Airport Counter, Ferry Terminal Counter and Barrier Gate Counter).

  Through the equipment installed in the ITCC, staffs can monitor the conditions of the server, Network equipment and the Competition System set in every venue through the computer screen. Some signals will appear on the screen if the server is broken down, professionals can offer immediate follow-up actions and relevant emergent measures, over 200 IT personnel will be instantly transferred for renovating the server. MAIGOC announced that the launching of ITCC could help to improve the steadiness and safety of the data and information announcing during the Games. According to the customs of the modern large-scale sporting program, the execution format in Information Technology will also be tested in the IT System Joint Test to ensure efficient operation between every venue and ITCC, to offer a more stable platform of data transferring during the 2nd Asian Indoor Games.