The First-day Indoor Hockey Test Event In Smooth Operation 2007-09-22  MAIGOC

  The 2-day Indoor Hockey Test Event of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games, being the first indoor hockey game ever held in Macao, took place yesterday (22 September) at the Macao Stadium Pavilion. All of MAIGOC staff participated in testing the overall operation and coordination. Aside from competition protocols and venue installations, and the Timing and Scoring system, the Result Management System, and the Medical and Doping Control were also tested in the event. MAIGOC concluded that the operation of the first day has been generally normal, and anticipated that staff cooperation and handling of competition operations will become smoother in today’s matches (23 September). The awarding ceremony rehearsals will also be practiced after the conclusion of the competitions.

  Four Local Participating Indoor Hockey Teams

  Two matches were held on the first-day Indoor Hockey Test Event, with Lusitania’s players Au Io Kei and Lei Kwok Hung brilliant performance led the team to beat Artilheiros 12-4 in the first match. Artilheiros’ player Ng Weng Hong got the first score by receiving the short corner at the 4th minute of the first half of the match, Fu Son On score a second one in the same fashion two minutes later and Artilheiros’ led the match 2-0. By this time the Lusitanians have basically mastered the loophole in Artilheiros’ defence, and Ao Io Kei reach the forbidden area to score at the 7th minute for 1-2. After Lusitania took the control of the match in the later part of the first half, the match came to a draw with 1 more score by Lou Chio Iong at the 9th minute. Then Lusitania’s player Lei Kwok Hung drew in two scores at the 10th and 14th minute, and led to 4-2. Though Artilheiros’ player Ng Weng Kin immediately drew in one score and led to 4-3, with Lusitania’s players Au Io Kei and Lao Chi Lim respectively getting one score in the first half, the Lusitania has took the lead by 6-3 before the second half. Artilheiros became unenthusiastic and exhausted in the second half of the match, making Lusitania’s Forwards Au Io Kei and Lei Kwok Hung successfully score at the 24th minute. Although Artilheiros’ player Lao Ieng Chan got the only score in the second half at the 33rd minute under the backward situation and led to 8-4, Lusitania finally won the match with 12-4, two scores from Lei Kwok Hung, one penalty stroke by Wong Weng Po and a sudden attack by Lou Chio Iong before the end of the match. Lei Kwok Hung got five scores during the match and became the top scorer.

  Another match in yesterday event resulted in 4-1 between Le Club and Hou Kong School, with outstanding performance in the second half by Le Club team. Lusitania and Le Club became the first-day’s winners, taking the lead of the round robin at this stage.

  The Le Club vs Hou Kong started in a monotonous way, perhaps because of the teams’ unfamiliarity with the environment and regulations in the indoor version of hockey. Le Club’s player Leong Lap Man got the first score in the forbidden area at the 7th minute during the first half, and the second score by Hou Kong’s player Leong Chi Wai at the 9th minute with the score 1-1. The two teams were snatching the ball most of the time during the first half and Le Club took the lead of the first half with the score 2-1, with a good shot by Leong Lap Man in the end of the first half. Entering into the second half, the two teams performed monotonously, with Le Club’s players Lei Kin Seng and Lam Ka Hei got two scores at the 23rd and 25th minute, keeping the final result in 4-1. On one hand, Hou Kong Team got no good result though attacking aggressively in the later part of the second half. On the other hand, Le Club’s player Lei Chin Seng was hurt and sent out of the field while sheltering himself from the goalkeeper because of his attack in the forbidden area. However, it will not influence Hou Kong’s normal performance in today’s game (23 September).

  The awarding ceremony rehearsals were practiced after the conclusion of yesterday’s competitions. The four participating indoor hockey teams will go on to the last four matches today (23 September) of the Indoor Hockey Test Event. Today’s competition schedule will be as follows:

  110:00 – 11:00Le Club – Artilheiros

  211:00 – 12:00Hou Kong School – Lusitania

  316:00 – 17:00Artilheiros - Hou Kong School

  417:00 – 18:00Lusitania - Le Club

  18:00Awarding Ceremony