2AIG Opening Ceremony Tickets Given Out in 5 Hours 2007-09-15  MAIGOC

  9,000 tickets of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Opening Ceremony were all given out yesterday before 15:00 on its first debut. Thanks to the great support from the general public, the Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC), together with all participating performing parties, dedicated to give their best to present an unforgettable Opening Ceremony.

  MAIGOC officially introduced highlights of the Opening Ceremony and ticketing arrangements one day earlier on 14 September. Surrounding the theme of “Harmonious Host City and Joyful Indoor Games”, the Opening Ceremony will be centered on a 15-storey U-shape stage with special lighting effects, and performers include Hong Kong pop singer Joey Yung and Taiwan pop band Fahrenheit among others. Tickets are available for free, and each person is limited to four tickets at one time. On the next morning after the news was released, 9,000 tickets available at 9 different distribution spots were all given out within 5 hours yesterday (15 Sept) on its first debut.

  The 2AIG Opening Ceremony will be hosted at the Macao Stadium, at 19:30, on Friday, 26 October 2007. Audience with tickets are encouraged to arrive at the Macao Stadium earlier to allow time for security checks, and ensure that they won’t miss any part of the spectaculars at the 2nd Asian Indoor Games Opening Ceremony.