2AIG Opening Ceremony – Harmonious Host City, Joyful Indoor Games 2007-09-14  MAIGOC

  On 14 September, Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) held the Press Conference for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Ticketing at the Official Hotel of the 2AIG, the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, introducing designs of stage, costumes and performance programs of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. With the core concept of “Harmonious Host City, Joyful Indoor Games”, the Opening Ceremony will present the specials features of the 2AIG and the uniqueness of Macao through the performance.

  44m Tall Performance Stage Highlighting 2AIG Opening Ceremony

  Around 5,000, mostly from local schools and professional performers, will participate in the Opening Ceremony of the 2AIG. The costumes involve is about 9,000 sets with 656,000 LED lamps sticking on them. The whole stage will be lightened up by 8,208 units of firework during the Opening Ceremony. The total length of the performance stage is 196m, width 55m. The lowest part of the stage is 1m above ground level, whereas the highest part is 44m (about 15 storeys if measured in 3m per storey). The concept and design of the stage was originated from the vert ramp used in X-Sports competition, which is very different from those of the EAG in 2005 and the Lusofonia Games in 2006, impressing people with stronger visual impacts. Considering that the stage installation for this year’s Opening Ceremony is more complicated than those of the previous ones, therefore, the team of CCTV started to install the stage at the Macao Stadium since late August till now.

  During the Press Conference, MAIGOC awarded the eleven local units the certificate of participating in the performance. They are: The Workers' Children High School, Pui Ching Middle School, Kao Yip Middle School, Escola dos Moradores de Macau, Pooi To Middle School, Choi Nong Chi Tai Middle School, Mateus Ricci, Colégio (Secondary), Music Band of Public Security Police Force of Macao, The Scout Association of Macao, Fresh Fish Traders' Union of Macao and Associação Geral dos Operários de Macau. Manuel Silvério expressed his gratitude to the participating associations in his speech.

  Joey Yung and Fahrenheit cheer for 2AIG Opening Ceremony, free tickets for public

  In addition to the eleven local associations, Hong Kong pop singer Joey Yung and Taiwan pop band Fahrenheit will be invited to participate in the Opening Ceremony to heat up the atmosphere. According to MAIGOC, the 2AIG Opening Ceremony will commence at 7:30 p.m. on 26 October, beginning with singing performance. For the audience, as seats are not designated, please arrive early in order to get the best view of the show.

  To encourage greater participation and to share the delights and fruits with the Macao residence, there will be 9,000 tickets of the 2AIG Opening Ceremony given out free to the public. From 15 September to 21 September, these tickets will be available at the five CTM shops (Av. Artur Tamagnini Barbosa, Rua Pedro Coutinho, Bairro Iao Hon, Rua Dr. Pedro JoséLobo and Taipa) and the three souvenir shops of Beijing Olympic Games 2008 (Ruins of St. Paul, the Leal Senado Square and Macao Fisherman’s Wharf) during business hours. Residents can also go to the ticket office at the Macao Stadium from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., or 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Each person can only get 4 tickets at one time. Tickets are limited, don’t hesitate.

  Launching of the 2AIG International Broadcasting Centre

  Being Host Broadcaster and Production Unit of the 2AIG Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the team of CCTV arrived at Macao for a few days to start preparing the relative production for the Games.

  Upon installation of the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC), as well as the overall planning for TV Broadcasting, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, CCTV technical staffs started to carry out the work for the Games on their visit to Macao., confirming the amount of equipments, staff arrangement and construction of the filming platforms through days of inspection at the competition and activity venues. In order to make the production of TV signals more smoothly, CCTV have communicated in advance with the related staff and venues in Macao. MAIGOC President Manuel Silvério and CCTV Vice Editor Li Ting presided at the Launching Ceremony for the IBC, marking the preparation for the 2AIG TV production has enter the final stage.

  Situated on Avenida Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, the IBC covers an area of 900m2, is the heart of TV signal transmission for all competition venues during the Games period. The IBC not only serves as the broadcasting centre of the Games, but also the office of the Macau Olympic Committee, where foreign guests are always received; it is also the working place for the broadcasting team of MAIGOC. In addition, the building has always been a support to the Macao Forum in holding all kinds of activities, to meet the needs of different functions.

  Technicians from CCTV made detailed studies on the installation of the IBC and the operation plan for the Games was confirmed during site inspection. In addition, communication among CCTV, MAIGOC IT Department and CTM on signal transmission during the Games was also enhanced. Eventually, CCTV staff and equipments will be moving in IBC step by step, and the installation of the production system will be finished according to schedule before the Games opens. As CCTV is also one of the sponsors for the 2AIG, it will be promoting the Games in CCTV Channel 5.

  Furthermore, MAIGOC Chairman Manuel Silvério expressed his confidence for the staff and hardware facilities since IBC, which is adjacent to Macao Forum, and the CCTV production team has been serving the 4th East Asian Games, the 1st Lusofonia Games and this edition’s 2nd Asian Indoor Games together for years.