Tonight’s 2AIG 60-Day Countdown Ceremony,Leal Senado Square 2007-08-24  MAIGOC

  MAIGOC will hold the “2AIG 60-day Countdown Ceremony and Uniform Fashion Show” tonight (27 Aug) at 7p.m.. During the celebration opened to public tonight, the display of the various uniforms for Asian Indoor Games staff and participants will be put on in a fashion show.

  As the Games approaches, and the various promotional activities taking place, MAIGOC will move the focus of the promotion to the Leal Senado Square in the hosting of the 60-day Countdown Ceremony. The countdown party the program will include 2AIG Anthem Performance, Sports Demonstration and Games Uniform Show. A photo exhibition of the 2AIG will be held also at the Leal Senado Square until 30 Aug.

  A series of sports demonstration and game booth organized by MAIGOC at the Macau Tower which lasted 5 weekends, has attracted a lot of residents and tourists participation and have received very good effect. After holding the 60-day countdown ceremony at the Leal Senado Square, MAIGOC will organize a 30-day countdown activity, another important promotion activity on 26 Sept.