Reunion of Award Team Anticipated Spectacles at the 2AIG Opening 2007-08-20  MAIGOC

  The 1st Lusofonia Games Opening Ceremony was renowned by the China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers by the “Best Creativity” and in “TV Artistic Spotlight Design and Construction - Top Level (Category on Venue)” awards earlier at an awarding ceremony.

  The news was released by CCTV Vice President Sun Yusheng to Chairman Manuel Silvério and Board of Directors members of the Macao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC), who arrived in Beijing to finalize discussions on promotion, TV broadcast and production of the Opening and Closing Ceremony, and the signing of related agreements with CCTV on 18 August. This is the second award Macao received for the hosting of a multisport event opening ceremony, after receiving from the China Association of Performing Arts the Golden Award at the 4th edition of China Top Ten Performance Election. Sun Yusheng initiated a ceremony to present the two awards to MAIGOC, represented by Chairman Manuel Silvério in the meeting.

  CCTV has been committing to full supports to the large scale sports events in Macao since the 4th East Asian Games (EAG). At last year’s 1st Lusofonia Games, CCTV Arts Program Centre was responsible for the Host Broadcasting and the production of opening ceremony. Coordinating with more than 2,000 performers assigned by MAIGOC, the outstanding performance gained praises from the local and overseas audiences. In view of this, MAIGOC and CCTV assured that the “reunion” of the award team will pledge to bring to the general public, television viewers and audience a marvelous and high quality audio-visual effect performance at the opening ceremony of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games together again.

  CCTV Arts Program Centre production team is planning to commence preparations and stage installations for the 2AIG Opening Ceremony at the Macao Stadium by the end of this month.