AIG Sport Program Promoted at Macau Tower 2007-07-28  MAIGOC

  To reinforcethe general public’s understanding of the 2nd Asian Indoor GamesSport Program, promotional activities were held by the Macao2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) on 28thJuly, at 15:00, at the MacauTower.

  Subsequent tothe demonstration of skateboard held last week, MAIGOC presented once again the2AIG Sport Program at the MacauTower on last Saturday(28th July).Sports Climbing,also categorize as Extreme Sports (X-Sports), is one of the 2AIG Sport Programunder the discipline of Extreme Sports, which involves an athlete’s physicaland intellectual capabilities.The 2AIG X-Sportsprogram consists of BMX Freestyle, Skateboard, Inline Stunt and SportsClimbing.With rapid developments, X-Sportis an exciting array of creative andhuman potential defying activities.

  Earlier thatday, crowds were attracted at the MacauTower, waiting for theshow to begin.To stir up excitement, twosports climbers were arranged to demonstrate speed climbing, in which thefemale sports climber won the first round of the competition by 1 min and 1 sec.The second round was even more excitedbecause the two athletes compete to reach the 2AIG promotional souvenir that hunghigh on the wall, fascinating the audience that gathered around.On top of these, the themed exhibition areawas also packed with visitors.

  Morepromotional activities of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games are on the way.Different sports in the 2AIG Program will bedemonstrated every weekend on 4th, 5th, 11th,12th and 18th of August at the Macau Tower.

  The Macau 2007,2nd Asian Indoor Games will be opened on 26th October for9 days, with 17 sport program and 2 demonstration sports.