Team Sports Draw of the 2AIG 2007-06-27  MAIGOC

  TheMacao 2nd Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) held theTeam Sports Draw of Hoop Sepaktakraw, Kabaddi, Futsal and Indoor Hockey for the2nd Asian Indoor Games yesterday (27th July) at theWestin Resort

  Chairmanof Board of Directors of MAIGOC Mr. Manuel Silvério, welcomed therepresentatives from the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), National OlympicCommittees (NOCs) and Technical Delegates and representatives who participated inthis important meeting. He expressed, before the Team Sports Draw commenced, MAIGOChas already received submissions of athletes and officials from 41 NOCs, withwhich the Team Sports Draw of Futsal, Hoop Sepaktakraw, Indoor Hockey andKabaddi were also conducted yesterday.

  For Futsal men and women, the Organising Committee hasreceived 15 and 7 applications respectively from the NOCs. Macau FootballAssociation Treasurer Mr. Chiu Kam Vai and Member of the Administrative BoardMr. Lau Weng Hang were assigned by the Futsal technical delegates of the 2AIGto conduct the team sports draw.Fourgroups will be competed in the 2AIG Futsal event.According to the results of the 1stAsian Indoor Games, MAIGOC has listed the first four winners in the men’scategory as the seed teams which are Iran,Thailand, Uzbekistan and China. The result of the TeamsSports Draw is: Group A - Thailand,Malaysia, Macao,China and Afghanistan; Group B – Uzbekistan, Hong Kong,China, Vietnam and Japan;Group C – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanonand Indonesia; Group D – China, Kuwaitand Qatar.For women, the competition will be carried out in two groups, and the first andthe second winners of last edition’s AIG, Uzbekistanand Thailand,also became the seed teams.The resultis: Group A – Thailand, Iran, Malaysia and Japan; Group B – Uzbekistan, the Philippinesand Vietnam.

  Fourteams, Hong Kong, China,India, Iran and Macao,Chinawill compete in the men’s category of Indoor Hockey event.The Indoor Hockey technical delegates of the2AIG have assigned the Chairman of the Macau Hockey Association Mr. Alfredo M.Sales Ritchie to explain the rules to the participating teams, and according tothe regulations, team sports draw will not be conducted for Indoor Hockey.The four teams will just compete in roundrobins.

  Due to the withdrawal of Nepal Olympic Committee inKabaddi, Technical Delegate Mr. E. Prasadrao announced to change thecompetition method to round robin (according to the regulations) instead of groupcompetition.The teams then will competefor the gold medal base on their placing, while the 3rd in the roundrobin will juxtapose with the 4th for the bronze medal.Participating teams include Bangladesh,India, Iran, Japan,Malaysia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

  There will be 13 men’s team and 7 women’s team in HoopSepaktakraw.Conducted by Mr. AbdulHalim Bin Abdul Kader, the sequence of the team draw for men is Thailand, Macao,China, India, Japan,Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia,Myanmar, Vietnam, Iran,Cambodia, Singapore and the Philippines. For women, thesequence is India, the Philippines, Macao,China, Japan, Thailand,Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar.