Chefs de Missions meet for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games 2007-06-24  MAIGOC

  With 122 daysto go to the Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games, Director GeneralHusain Al Musallam and Executive Board Members of the Olympic Council of Asia(OCA), Chefs de Mission from the 45 participating countries and regionsgathered in Macau for the 2AIG Chef de Mission Meeting and related activitiesto discuss with members of the Macao 2nd Asian Indoor GamesOrganising Committee (MAIGOC) aboutpreparations for the Games.The MacauOlympic Committee will be hosting a Welcome reception tonight in the honour ofOCA members, Chefs de Mission and guests.

  Openingtomorrow (26 June 2007), the Chef de Mission meeting will centre aroundpreparations for the 2AIG in the areas ranging from competition, protocol,hospitality, ticketing, accommodation, transportation, security, opening andclosing ceremonies, cultural events, television broadcasting, media servicesand promotion.In an objective tofacilitate the participation of the delegations in the Games, MAIGOC will hold a series of NOC exchange sessionsand set up information counters during the meeting period to provide details onhospitality and competition arrangements and collect suggestions and commentsfrom the delegations.

  To deepenunderstanding to the Games’ arrangements, MAIGOCalso prepared for the over 100 meeting participants and guests a tour to theGames’ Headquarters Hotel, athletes’ hotel and technical officials’ hotel, aswell as the 11 competition venues and 6 training venues.

  With the entryby number application concluded last week, MAIGOCwill hold a Team Sport Draw in the morning of 27 June for the events ofKabbadi, HoopSepaktakraw, Futsal and Indoor Hockey where representativesfrom the participating NOCs will draw to decide in which groups the teams willcompete.

  On the side ofthe Chef de Mission Meeting, OCA Standing Committees, including AthletesCommittee, Medical Committee, Sports Committee, Media Committee and Culture and Education Committee will meet to discussarrangements in their fields.It will bethe first meeting of the new administration of the Standing Committees aftertheir appointment at the 50th OCA Executive Board Meeting in Almaty ofKazakhstan last month.

  TheOCA and MAIGOC meetings andactivities will conclude on 28 June.