Third anniversary of the Association Global ACOLOP 2007-06-07  MAIGOC

  The website of the Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees will be launched tomorrow. The website, at, registered in Macau, is going to be online on the day when ACOLOP celebrates the 3rd anniversary. It fulfills one of the targets announced by the president of the Association, Manuel Silvério, when he was embodied to the 2007-2010 mandate: to reinforce the communication of the organism with the Lusofonia world.

  “First of all, the site will allow us to improve the communication of ACOLOP with the rest of the world,” Manuel Silvério stated. But there is one more strong reason to the launching of this communication platform: “Most of the Olympic Committees members of our Association don’t have a website, so the website of ACOLOP belongs to everybody and it aims to spread the news and activities of all our members. At, there will be published news considered interesting to the Association members and it will have a wider news component, “because even that Sports is our main field, we would like the website to have information related with the Lusofonia world, specially in the Culture area,” the president added.

  The website of the Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees includes news about ACOLOP and related information, as the statutes and the main activities during these three years, as well as data and contacts of the 12 members. Besides the news and the archive, the website has also a photo gallery that reports the most important activities of the Association since its establishment on June 8, 2004, with a large number of images of the Macau 2006 1st Lusofonia Games. Also, the website has a dedicated service to the members of ACOLOP, “a way of smoothing the communication between us, since we are geographically apart, that will allow the members to be simultaneously updated about the internal matters of ACOLOP.”

  Manuel Silvério underlined that the website is only the beginning of a communication project that has room to be developed. “We are looking forward to listening the opinions of all that are interested in Lusofonia and Sports and we are hoping to get a feedback from our online visitors.” The website of ACOLOP is launched at 4.p.m., the exact hour of the establishment of the Association, three years ago.