3rd TV Auditing for 2nd Asian Indoor Games 2007-05-31  MAIGOC

  The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Television Auditor José Ramon Diez wasin Macaobetween 27 and 30 May to meet with MAIGOC representatives in broadcastingpreparations for the Games. The auditing service is to assist and superviseBroadcasting work for the Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games, and providingguidance to ensure that it reaches international multisport events standards.

  MAIGOC staff inBroadcasting and Information Technology provided the updates in the preparatorywork done, after which discussions were made on various subjects.These include the organization of HostBroadcaster, international feed production plan, transmission plan, highlightproduction, television graphics, OB Van distribution, Maps of Broadcasting areain all venues, and International Broadcasting Centre etc. During the course ofthe meetings, cost effectiveness and well-laid production plans were one of themain themes of discussions, in addition to providing the latest competitioninformation, fruitful pictures and well-rounded interviews for broadcasters.

  “The production plans have beenwell-laid out in terms of cost effectiveness, which can provide flexibility forMAIGOC to tend to broadcasters requests.The experiences that were garnished in the past two years have alsofully proved that broadcasting installations are well prepared and ready touse,” commented José Ramon Diez.

  Upon the various advices from theauditor, MAIGOC adjusted the related documents and provided the amendmentversion immediately, for the purpose to provide world class broadcastingservices.