Manuel Silvério and Laurentino Dias met in Portugal Portuguese Government deems success for the 2nd Lusofonia Games 2007-05-22  MAIGOC

  The Portuguese Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, Laurentino Dias, reiterated the support of the Portuguese Government to the organization of the Lisbon 2009, 2nd Lusofonia Games during a meeting earlier this week. “We believe that the second edition of the Games is going to be a success,” he stated in a meeting with the President of the Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees (ACOLOP), Manuel Silvério, who is in Lisbon. The meeting with the Secretary has provided grounds for discussions of several subjects related to the Games, as well as introducing other projects of ACOLOP. The ACOLOP multisports and cultural events to be held in Lisbon will be developed by an organizing committee that will involve the Portuguese Government, the Municipality of Lisbon and the Portuguese Olympic Committee, as well as other institutions and Lusofonia communities.

  “Lisbon has a good network of sports venues that will match the demands of the Games,” underlined Laurentino Dias. As for Manuel Silvério, he explained that at present ACOLOP members are being consulted on the event’s sports program. “We believe that the eight sports in the 1st Lusofonia Games should be maintained, to consolidate the work that was started in Macau,” he furthered. “We are also considering in adding new components to the sports program, which there are several possibilities such as Swimming, Judo, Badminton and Roller Hockey.”

  Manuel Silvério also referred to other projects ACOLOP is developing, including the Association website to be launched soon. He referred to it as “a platform of communication for all our member Olympic Committees, and a tool to promote the sports and culture of Lusofonia.” Manuel Silvério added that Macau is already preparing for all the necessary conditions to receive the various Lusofonia sports delegations to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Portuguese athletes will stay in Macao for training before arriving at the Chinese capital city for the Beijing Olympics, according to an agreement signed between the Portuguese Olympic Committee and the Macau Olympic Committee.