Manuel Silvério oversees event preparations in Portugal:Sketching the 2nd Lusofonia Games 2007-05-21  MAIGOC

  With Judo and Roller Hockey strong possibilities in becoming part of its sports program, the Lisbon 2009, 2nd Lusofonia Games is looking at the inclusion of more sports. This was one of the ideas expressed in a meeting between the President of the Association of the Portuguese Speaking Olympic Committees (ACOLOP) Manuel Silvério, and the President of the Portuguese Olympic Committee (COP) Vicente Moura. Manuel Silvério is at present visiting the Portuguese capital city. Also at the meeting are ACOLOP Executive Director Vasco Bismark, COP Vice-President and also ACOLOP 1st Vice-President Manuel Marques da Silva Manuel Marques da Silva, and several other from the management of COP.

  The possibility of increasing the number of sports was touched upon during the last ACOLOP General Assembly in February, after which COP has been gathering the opinions of other ACOLOP member Olympic Committees. Final decisions on the sport program are anticipated at the coming General Assembly to be held. Aside from Judo and Roller Hockey, amongst the most probable components of the sport program also includes Swimming and Badminton. The decision will be finalized within the next few months, after the establishment of the Games Organising Committee. The eight sports in the sport program of the Macau 2006, 1st Lusofonia Games will be maintained. They are: Athletics, Football, Futsal, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Taekwondo, Basketball and Table Tennis.

  Meanwhile, the possibility of hosting the Lisbon 2009, 2nd Lusofonia Games in the month of July, that is one year after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, is becoming more consistent. During the meeting which was mainly focused in the discussions of the event, COP management explained the plans for the future organizing committee and the cultural program to be held during the Games. Another topic touched is the Opening Ceremony, which at this moment the most probable location to mark the opening of the Games is the Atlantic Pavilion, or Pavilhão Atlântico.

  On the organizing committee for the event, the model is already being structured, even with the last developments of the Municipality of Lisbon. The adopted model shall be similar to that of the Macau 2006, 1st Lusofonia Games Organizing Committee, and connected to the Portuguese Government, the Municipality of Lisbon and the Portuguese Olympic Committee.

  The Portuguese Olympic Committee obtained the hosting right of the 2nd Lusofonia Games in October 2006, at the ACOLOP General Assembly held in Macau during the first edition of the Games.