Manuel Silvério met Minister of Youth and Sports ACOLOP, a common project 2007-04-19  MAIGOC

  President of ACOLOP Manuel Silvério met yesterday (18/4) David Simango, Minister of Youth and Sports of Mozambique, the first of several visits to local government authorities. Amongst the issues discussed were the projects of ACOLOP for the near future and the relationship between the members of the Association. During the meeting, Manuel Silvério, also 1st Vice-President of the Macau Olympic Committee (MOC), stated that the mutual help and the strengthening of the relationships amongst the Lusofonia Sports family are very important. He revealed that during his stay in Maputo the MOC and the Mozambique Olympic Committee will sign an agreement on the cooperation for mutual support and the organization of training camps before competitions. This means that the Mozambique athletes will make preparations in Macao for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

  For Manuel Silvério, ACOLOP enhancement of the relationship with the governmental authorities is of great significance, and is a goal that can only be reached by continuous work. “Although ACOLOP is a non-governmental organization, the success of our work greatly depends on the support given by the authorities of our members’ countries and regions. Since the establishment of ACOLOP, we have received great support and it is our intention to keep on strengthening these good relationships,” said Manuel Silvério, adding that one of the priorities of his responsibilities as President of ACOLOP is precisely to make aware the several Governments to the association’s project.

  In the end of the meeting, the ACOLOP President is very please in the exchange of ideas with David Simango. “During this visit to Mozambique, it is my wish to have closer contacts with the working conditions in Sports. The government authorities are very dedicated and invested a lot in this field, as it is one of the most important areas for social development,” he remarked. David Simango praised the work of ACOLOP and regretted not being able to be in Macau at the Lusofonia Games or at the ACOLOP headquarters official opening ceremony. During this week, Manuel Silvério will meet other Mozambican authorities, amongst them Prime-Minister Luísa Dias Diogo.

  Macao and Sports as a plataform

  Also yesterday (18/4), the President of ACOLOP together with the President of the Mozambique Olympic Committee, met the Chinese Ambassador in Mozambique, Mr. Tian Guangfeng. “The Association of the Portuguese-speaking Olympic Committees wants to keep contributing, in a pragmatic and active way, to the development of the relationship between Macau SAR, the People’s Republic of China and the Lusofonia countries,” he said, speaking about the Lusofonia Games, held last October in the MSAR, and mentioning also the fact that the headquarters of ACOLOP are located in Macau.

  Tian Guangfeng underlined that, after the President Hu Jintao’s visit to Mozambique, the two countries reinforced their historical relationship. “Both countries are very interested in developing new trends of cooperation,” he said. “The 1st Lusofonia Games were precisely a new way of cooperation.” Tian guaranteed that the Chinese Embassy in Maputo will always support actions that will lead to the development of the good relationships.

  In the first evening of the four-day visit to Maputo, Silvério and members of the Mozambique Olympic Committee had dinner, a way to keep closest contact with the elements of the Sports structure. The NOCs of Macau and Mozambique are both member of ACOLOP since its’ establishment, working together already for 3 years. “It was one more opportunity of learning and exchanging experiences. We have a common future that will be, for sure, the result of this excellent cooperation ability,” affirmed the President.