Manuel Silvério in Mozambique ACOLOP shorten distances 2007-04-18  MAIGOC

  The president of the Association of the Portuguese-speaking Olympic Committees (ACOLOP) Manuel Silvério arrived today in Maputo, Mozambique. During his four-day stay in the country, Manuel Silvério will visit sporting entities and local authorities of Mozambique, to achieve the aim of ACOLOP for better understanding of their members’ working environments. On the other hand, the visit paid by Manuel Silvério, also 1st Vice-President of the Macau Olympic Committee (MOC), is to strength the relationship between MOC and the Mozambique Olympic Committee.

  “ACOLOP has always put great emphasis in the strong relationship between its members, which is also one of our targets during this period of great development for us,” Manuel Silvério stated. “Besides, we also want to help in creating good conditions in the Sports field of our members’ countries and regions. This will only be possible if we know the reality that is faced by the members of ACOLOP, which is one of the reasons that bring us to Mozambique,” he explained.

  Silvério arrived in Maputo this morning, local time, where he met the president of the Mozambique Olympic Committee, Marcelino Macome. In the capital city, the president of ACOLOP will meet today the Minister of Youth and Sports, David Simango. “ACOLOP is a non-governmental organization but we have, since the beginning, a great relationship with the authorities of the countries and regions of our members. This support that has been given to us is very important and all the opportunities to enhance a stronger relationship should be considered,” Manuel Silvério remarked.

  Besides the meetings with the Mozambique Minister, Manuel Silvério will also meet today with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China. During the visit, the president of ACOLOP will also meet the board of directors of the Mozambique Writers Association and will visit several Sports projects. After leaving Maputo, Silvério will be heading to South Africa, where he meet with representatives of the International Olympic Movement.