Korea Incheon to Host the 2014 Asian Games 2007-04-17  MAIGOC

  Atthe 26th OCA General Assembly yesterday in Kuwait, after voting by all national Olympiccommittees (NOCs), Incheon of Korea was elected the Host Cityfor the 2014 Asian Games.The MacauOlympic Committee was represented by the vote of President Eddie Laam Wah Ying.

  Incheonwas the first to make their presentation before the election, which underlinedthe excellent environment and sport infrastructure, and also convenienttransportation of the city.Whenmentioned of the city’s strength, Incheonhighlighted support from its citizens, the people of Korea and the Koreangovernment.The Korean delegation, overhalf of which are senators of Incheon, lined up before the head table tovisually demonstrate the Senate’s support.A support team consists of world topcompanies representatives also show their support on behalf of Koreanenterprises and commercial entities.Incheon presentation has emphasized the harmony and dream of Asia, whichwas interpreted in the visions of children worldwide, including those of theiropponent India,in their own native languages.

  New Delhi presented India’shistorical and multi-cultural background, laying an emphasis on the rapidgrowth of the 1 billion population nation and the support of thegovernment.As 45% of the Indianpopulation is under the age of 25, the successful hosting of the Asian Gameswill bring about an unpredictable growth to the local community.New Delhi promised that all participatingdelegation to the Asian Games, that is including all athletes and officials,will receive free air tickets to India, and also enjoy free of charge accommodationand transportation services during Games period.

  Thehourly-long presentations demonstrated strong will and confidence in theprocess of both bidding cities, which brought in tension at the venue.

  Onthe other hand, Manuel Silverio participated in the Executive Board meetingyesterday (17 April) morning as newly elected board member.