OCA hosts the 48th Executive Board meeting 2007-04-15  MAIGOC

  After the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Rules Committee and Finance Committee meetingon Saturday, the OCA held the 48th Executive Board meeting yesterday(15 April) in Kuwait, presided by President of OCA Sheihk Ahmad Al-FahadAl-Sabah

  ExecutiveBoard members participated in the meeting and reported on their scope of work,amongst which Vice President of OCA Manuel Silvérioreported the program and organization of the 2nd Asian Indoor Gamesin the meeting.“Macao has built up a firmfoundation for the hosting of the 2nd Indoor Games on the fruitful experienceof hosting multisport events and the infrastructure it has invested to meet internationalsporting standards. As always, the Macao SAR Government is providing a strongsupport, and through MAIGOC’sclose cooperation with OCA, we are successfully launching the activities inpreparations for the Games. In coming months, MAIGOC will hold various testevents, including the match of Manchester United FC and Shenzhen ShangqingyinFC on July 23, to test the overall operation of the Games,” stated Manuel Silvério.

  Allmembers of Executive Board agreed to enlist the new sport Kabaddi into thesport program of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games proposed by Director General and Technical Director of OCAMr. Husain Al-Musallam.They believedKabaddi can increase the recognition of the Asian Indoor Games, as well as encouragethe participation of 45 countries and regions. On a separate issue, although thetwo sports of Bowling and Cue Sports have been enlisted in the sport program ofthe 2nd Asian Indoor Games, OCA is considering to preserve them in thesport program of the 16th Asian Games during this ‘transitionalperiod.’Guangzhouhas requested to keep the two high appeal sports in the program for the Guangzhou edition ofAsian Games.

  Themeeting held yesterday was the last meeting organized by members of thisedition of OCA Executive Board. OCA will hold the 26th GeneralAssembly meeting tomorrow in which the new edition of Executive Board andstanding committees will be elected. The newly elected Executive Board willhold a meeting in Macaoduring the 2nd Asian Indoor Games period this coming October.