OCA hosts meetings in Kuwait 2007-04-13  MAIGOC

  Adelegation including President Eddie Laam Wah Ying, First Vice President ManuelSilvério, Secretary General Charles Lou and memberAntónio Fernandes of Macau Olympic Committee, and membersof Macao 2nd Asian Indoor GamesOrganising Committee (MAIGOC) arrived in Kuwait to participate in variousOCA meetings from today (14 April). Representatives from 45 countries andregions Olympic committees (NOCs) of the 5 Asian zones: Central Asia, EastAsia, South Asia, East Asia and West Asia willbe gathering for the meetings.

  TheOCA Rules Committee and Finance Committee will hold their respective workingmeetings today.In coming three days,three different meetings will be convened, they are the 48th OCAExecutive Board meeting, the 26th OCA General Assembly meeting andfirst meeting of newly elected OCA Executive Board.

  ManuelSilvério, Vice President of OCA and Chairman ofBoard of Directors of MAIGOC, will report the progress of the 2ndAsian Indoor Games at the 48th OCA Executive Board meeting tomorrow(15) to introduce the preparations and organistion of the Games.