Asian Indoor Games Medical and Anti-Doping Coordination Meeting Convened 2007-04-01  MAIGOC

  The Macau2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games Medical and Anti-Doping Coordination Meeting was convened at the organising committee (MAIGOC) Headquarters yesterday morning.

  MAIGOC Chairman of the Board of Directors Manuel Silvério emphasized, “The importance of setting the Medical and Doping Control standards is not only in the direct benefits for all the Games participants, but it is also essential towards building a solid legacy for future Games to ensure safety and fairness.MAIGOC close cooperation with OCA and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), is of a more global and long-term consideration, which will serves as a long term deterrent. ”

  Manuel Silvério is grateful that the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) in assigning “three extremely experienced people of who are part of the team responsible for all matters relating to the Doping Control and Medical Services of all the Asian Games events, to work with our Medical and Doping Control teams for the 2nd edition of the Indoor Asiad.”

  OCA Medical and Anti-Doping Committee member Dr. Manikavasagam Jegathesan and Ms Yuan Hong, and also OCA Doping Control Department Manager Mr. Mahmoud Khalifah participated in the meeting yesterday.

  “Macao has been doing a great job which I have been personally involved and aware of, and much is expected.MAIGOC is already raising the bar for other Asian Games events, which we believe Macao will certainly be a benchmark for future events,” commented Dr. Jegathesan.

  MAIGOC Chairman Manuel Silvério also express thankfulness to the support of all members in the Medical and Anti-Doping Committee, and the institutions they represent including the Health Bureau, the Hospital Centre S. Januario, Kiang Wu Hospital, the Macau University of Science and Technology’s University Hospital, the Fire Services Bureau, Macau Customs Service, and the Red Cross.“We very much appreciate your participation and contribution towards these Games, including the 4th East Asian Games in 2005, 1st Lusofonia Games in 2006 and now, the 2nd Asian Indoor Games.

  The agenda of the meeting included presentation of Games Medical Services by Hospital Centre S. Januario Medical Director Dr. Chan Wai Sin, and Doping Control Measures by the Macau University of Science and Technology’s University Hospital Chief of Chiropractic Dr. Sammy Lui.The experts from OCA and members of MAIGOC working committee including MAIGOC Directors Hong Wai, Isabel da Silva and Sylvester Cheong,and also representatives from the various institutions, held fruitful discussions and exchanges, which outlined the detail arrangements of the upcoming plans.The meeting is a crucial prelude to the upcoming 3rd OCA 2nd Asian Indoor Games Coordination Commission Meeting this Wednesday.

  Dr Manikavasagam Jegathesan will be running for election as OCA Medical Committee Chairman, while Manuel Silvério will be running for election as OCA Media Committee Chairman at the OCA 26th General Assembly to be held this month in Kuwait.

  Dr Manikavasagam Jegathesan, Mr. Mahmoud Khalifah and Manuel Silvério are departing today to Guangzhou, as members of the 2010 Guangzhou 16th Asian Games Coordination Committee, to participate in its 2nd Coordination Meeting.