Well preparations for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games 43 Chefs-de-Mission attended the meeting 2007-03-30  MAIGOC

  The Chef-de-Mission meetingfor the Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games was held yesterday at theWestin Resort with the presence of Secretary for Social Affairs and CultureFernando Chui Sai On, OCA executive board members, Macao 2nd AsianIndoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) representatives and chefs demission of 43 participating countries and regions to discuss the finalpreparations for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games.

  Opening the meeting and onbehalf of the Macau SAR Government Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Dr.Fernando Chui Sai welcomes all participants and highlighted the importance ofthe platform established by the 2nd AIG and the continuous promotionof Asia’s image thru the OCA.

  “Through organizing variouskinds of sports activities, the OCA not only helps uplift Asia’simage and international status, but also brings impetus to the development ofthe regional economy,” he said.

  Reinforcing the Macau SARcommitment Dr. Fernando Chui Sai On also emphasized the Government support forthis mega sports event and reassuring that the government it will spare noeffort to make it a success.

  Chairman of the 2ndAsian Indoor Games Coordination Commission Mr. Timothy Fok also left a fewwords to the participating NOCs expressing his confidence in the success of theGames assuring that “it will be the best Games ever”.

  “I think Macauwill host an exciting event with the wonderful facilities and warm welcomingCity it possesses” also said Mr. Timothy Fok.

  The Chairman of the Boardof Directors of Macao 2ndAsian Indoor Games Organising Committee(MAIGOC) Mr. Manuel Silvério welcoming the entire chefs de mission also thankedthe Macau SAR government’s support, especially Dr. Chui Sai On’s “guidance overthe years allowing MAIGOC to work side-by-side with OCA”.

  Afterintroducing the Games, Mr. Manuel Silvério presented the MAIGOC representativesinthe areas of Sports Programme / Venues,Accreditation, Entry to Macau, NOC Services,Linguistic Services, Accommodation, Transportation, Update on Medical andDoping Control Services, Media Service, Broadcasting, Flag RaisingCeremony, Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Cultural Program, Ticketing and Otherissues. Each department presented the main features about their related areasand explained to the chefs de mission the final preparations and requirementsto guarantee the success of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games in October2007.

  For the Sports Program/ Venues Mr. Sylvester CheongDirector of Sports described the overview of the Games and announced the numberof participants already registered in the Games. He stated that the entry bynumber expects around 4,500 participants from 39 countries and regionsincluding 3,300 athletes and 1,200 team officials. After describing the mainlyfeatures of the 11 competition venues and 6 training venues he announced theupcoming test events which will be held 18-19 August for the Electronic Sports,September for the Indoor Hockey and Extreme Sports.

  For the Accreditation Mr. Alfred Wong, as manager,introduced the key dates to all the NOC’s specially the entry by name deadlinesand the location of all the accreditation counters available during the Games.He also explained the procedures to entry & exit Macauas well as visa requirements and related information.

  Next Mr. Vasco Bismark as director of NOC relation andaccreditation laid out the arrival and departure arrangements and the flagraising ceremonies schedules.

  The linguistic services, introduced by Mr. Isabel daSilva, director of International Affairs and Marketing, emphasized the termsand scope of services available during the Games, namely the Cantonese andPortuguese as Official Languages of Macau SAR, English as the Official Languageof the Games, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Russian as otherlanguages available.

  The director of Hospitality, Finance andAdministration, Mr. Peter Ung, described the accommodation operations andcategories assigned to the delegations and participants and stated that theirwill 1 headquarter Hotel, 2 for Technical Officials, 11 for sports delegationsand 2 for media professionals. Regarding transportation Mr. Ung also explainedthe transportation operation and services scheme that will provide dedicatedvehicles to NOCs, athletes, during opening and closing ceremonies, technicalofficials, VIPs and Media.

  To update on the Medical and Doping Control Services,Ms. Willa Hong explained the official procedures and medical standards to befollowed during the Games. After that the manager of TV Broadcasting and Media,Ms. Cândida Ramos described the media services available and the broadcastingschedules for all sports events. The Live transmissions for opening ceremony,electronic sports, dragon & lion dance, dancesport, electronic sports, cuesports, indoor athletics, futsal, short course swimming, muay and indoorhockey. The recorded transmission for aerobic gymnastics, 2 camera summaries forindoor cycling and hoop sepaktakraw and highlighted productions for chesssports, bowling, kabadi, Kurash, kickboxing and Finswimming.

  Finally the manager of Cultural Events, Ms AnitaCheong introduced the main features of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies aswell as the cultural program for the Games. The Opening Ceremony of the Gameswill be held on 20:00 on 26 October at Macao Stadium and Closing Ceremony willbe held on 20:00 on 3 November at The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel.

  To facilitate theparticipation of the 43 NOC’s in this Chef the Mission and testing the department’s capacityto high level simultaneous translation meetings MAIGOCalso provided linguistic services in Cantonese, Portuguese,English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Russian.

  NOCexchange sessions were also set up information counters during the meetingperiod to provide details on hospitality and competition arrangements andcollect suggestions and comments from the delegations.

  After the meeting, allparticipants were invited to attend the official lunch at Macau Towerhosted by Fernando Chui Sai On. In the afternoon all chef de mission were takento visit the sports venues and the Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel.

  Additionally, the newlyappointed OCA Standing Committees held meetings for the Sports Committee andthe Medical Committee. Today (27 June) the OCA Media Committee, will gather todiscuss related arrangements in their fields and MAIGOC will also host the TeamSports Draw for Kabaddi, Hoop Sepaktakraw and Futsal at the same day.