ABU 43rd General Assembly Sports Conference in Beijing 2006-11-05  MAIGOC

  Chairmanof Macao Asian Indoor Games Organising Committee (MAIGOC) Manuel Silvério waspresent in the Sports Group Conference of the 43rd General Assemblyof the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) in Beijing last Friday (3 Nov), where topics ofdiscussion include TV broadcast for the Beijing Olympic Games, Asian FootballCup and IAAF events.

    Apart from introducing thelatest development of Macao sports circle, ManuelSilvério also recalled Macao’ssuccessful experience of the 4th East Asian Games in 2005 and the 1stLusofonia Games in 2006. The chairman then updated the attendees with thepreparation progress of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games (AIG), particularlyin the aspect of television broadcast and program production.

  ABU is an international organizationcomposed of major broadcasters in Asia-Pacific region, with the objectives to coordinateand foster the developments of the members. By sharing information and technologies,purchasing broadcast right as a group and sharing transmission network, ABU ismaking endeavors to provide more effective broadcasting services. With thepresentation in the General Assembly, MAIGOC aims to widen and deepen the scopeof television coverage for the 2nd AIG and make it even morecost-effective.

  MAIGOC delegation members for thepresentation include OCA-appointed Michael Williams, former ABU Head of Sportsand broadcast director of many previous multisports events. Also an experiencedtrainer in television broadcast, Williams is going to work for MAIGOC in televisionbroadcast and program production.

  Prior to the ABU meeting, CCTV expressedits intention of full support in a two-day meeting with MAIGOC discussing televisionbroadcast of the 2nd AIG. It is believed MAIGOC shall very soon seekOCA’s confirmation on the plan of television broadcast and program productionof the 2nd AIG.

    ABU expressed after themeeting its interests in purchasing as a group the broadcast right of the 2ndAIG, which shall be made accessible for all ABU members.A total of 43 television channels havejointly purchased the broadcast right of the Doha Asian Games to be held thisDecember. The 2nd AIG sports program is composed of 15 official sports,plus street dance and Kurash as exhibition events.