Chinese Ambassador Su Jian in East Timor met Manuel Silvério 2006-07-26  MAIGOC

  In the morning of 24th, Ambassador Su Jian of People’s Republic of China met in the embassy with Manuel Silvério, who is paying a friendly visit in East Timor in his capacities of Vice-president of Olympic Council of Asia and 1st Vice-president of Macau Olympic Committee. In the conversation, Manuel Silvério extended his gratitude towards the embassy’s supports on his trip, before he continued with the objectives of the visit and OCA’s plan to help East Timor to develop its sports industry.

  Manuel Silvério’s team is the first delegation from China visiting East Timor after the disturbance. Ambassador Su Jian believed that supports from Macau and OCA on East Timor’s sports field could stimulate the unity and stability of the society. He assured that MOC’s support perfectly goes along with China’s diplomatic policy towards East Timor, and hoped Manuel Silvério could do even more in this regard. On the occasion, the ambassador gave a detail introduction of China’s aids to East Timor, for which Manuel Silvério felt proud of his motherland’s generosity to the young yet courageous country.

  In the conversation, Manuel Silvério in the title of Chairman of COJOL updated the ambassador that East Timor NOC would send a delegation of 100 or so to compete for glories in the eight sports of the 1st Lusofoina Games.

  Later on the same day, Manuel Silvério attended a gathering with local sports associations and Chinese communities in Dili, including Macau people living there. In the gathering, President of East Timor Chinese Business Association Fu Xiaoqin said his store was saved from the disturbance by its name “Macau Supermarket”. This illustrates the mutual respect and friendship between East Timor and Macau.