East Timor Legendary Xanana Gusmão met with Manuel Silvério Followed by Manuel Silvério’s courtesy call to Secretary of State for Sport and Juvenile & his visit to sports facility in Dili 2006-07-24  MAIGOC

  On 24 July, President Xanana Gusmão of Republic of East Timor had an individual interview with Vice-president of OCA Manuel Silvério. On that occasion, Manuel Silvério passed on the message from President of OCA Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, reiterating OCA’s supports to its new member East Timor. Manuel Silvério then briefed President Gusmão with the activities to be hosted by OCA in the near future, including the 15th Asian Games taking place in December in Doha and the 2nd Asian Indoor Games in 2007 in Macao.

  While expressing his satisfaction with OCA’s support towards East Timor NOC, President Gusmão emphasized the importance to have a long-term cooperation program in sports circles.

  “Our government is giving priority attention on youth affairs, as more than one third of the population is in school age,” said the president.

  “East Timor will not forget those who give a hand when we are in difficulties,” continued President Gusmão when expressing his warm welcome to the delegation.

  “We appreciate very much the great supports from the Macao SAR government, particularly from Chief Executive Edmond Ho.” President Gusmão says he is eager to visit Macao if situation allows when his country is back to stable.

  Over the meeting for more than one hour, Manuel Silvério, in the capacity of Chairman of COJOL, introduced the progress on preparation for the 1st Lusofonia Games, before expressing his hope to see an irreplaceable and representing figure of Portuguese communities, like President Gusmão, to attend the games. President Gusmão says he is expecting the best team of East Timor, which is well-trained and well-prepared, joining the upcoming 1st Lusofonia Games.

  On the following day of the tour, Manuel Silvério gave a courtesy visit to Ambassador Su Jian of People’s Republic of China in East Timor and Counsellor Bian Chungang, before attending a meeting with another government official after President Gusmão, Secretary of State for Sport and Juvenile JoséManuel Fernandes. In the meeting, JoséManuel mentioned the close link between Olympic sports and the government, as well as the country’s future policies on sports. He cordially hopes East Timor will always stay in people’s hearts.

  The itinerary was completed with the visit to “Ginásio do Sol Nascente” (Sun Rise Gymnasium), where Manuel Silvério was updated by the heads of local sports associations with the development progress of boxing, cycling, athletics, table tennis, taewondo, tennis, volleyball, karate-do, weightlifting and Wushu. Under the witness by the associations’ heads, Manuel Silvério promised the president of East Timor NOC that, in the OCA Executive Board meeting which is to be held in Turkmenistan on 3 August, he would report the true situation of the sports development in East Timor.