The XV ANOC General Assembly Closed Yesterday 2006-04-19  MAIGOC

  The XV Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) GeneralAssembly continued yesterday. The President of the General Administration of Sportof China Liu Peng made a bidding presentation in hosting the 16thANOC General Assembly and noted that the authority will be ready to welcomeANOC members. It has reached a unanimous decision that Beijing will be the next host of the meetingin April 2008.

  A report was presented by Tu Mingde, Vice-President of the BeijingOrganizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), yesterday. Heupdated the ANOC members that “Chinawill attempt to host a ‘Green Olympics’ by cutting down on as much pollution aspossible.” He also mentioned that it is one of the three concepts for organizingthe Games.

  In the progress report on the preparation for the Games, emphasishas been put in the various infrastructure projects, of which, all competitionvenue projects except Urban Road Cycling Course, are expected to be finished bythe end of 2007.

  A forum on fighting against Doping in Sport was also held yesterday.In the report of Craig Reedie, ANOC Representative in the World Anti-DopingAgency (WADA) Executive Committee and the moderator of the forum, mentionedthat 2005 was the first full operational year of World Anti-Doping Code, WADA’schief activities focused on working closely with respective organizations tomonitor the compliance of the Code in Sport activities. Scientific research andeducation programs will also be launched aiding further promotion of theAnti-doping Concept. Implementation guidelines of setting up national levelanti-doping organizations were also delivered in the meeting. Discussions were followedin the floor as the participants exchanged the experience of anti-dopingactivities carried out in their countries.The ANOC General Assembly was closed yesterday with theNOCs and the IOC Executive Board Joint Meeting to be continued today.Meanwhile, exhibitions and conference programsof the SportAccord 2006 will start from today onwards until 7th April.The Macau delegation will join the General Association of International SportsFederations (GAISF) General Assembly on 7th April, which is one ofthe programs in the event.