Kuan Sok Mui won Macau's first gold medal in the 1st Asian Indoor Games 2006-04-04  MAIGOC

  Macau China sport delegation began its voyage in the 1st Asian Indoor Games by joining competitions on November 14 in Dancesport, Sport Climbing, Indoor Cycling, Muay, Short Course Swimming, Indoor Athletics and Futsal.

  Women and Men Artistic Singles brought good news. Kuan Sok Mui defeated her opponents from Hong Kong and Thailand and her teammate with 281.90 scores and won for Macau the first gold medal in the Games. Wong Hang Cheong, with 304.6 scores, won a silver medal in the event for his city.

  Macau received another honor at the short-course swimming pool. Wong Wing Cheung got a silver medal in the 100m Butterfly and broke Macau's record in 53"75. In addition, 50m backstroke player Lei Chi Lon squeezed into the final in 27"30, while teammates Lao Kuan Fong finished 200m freestyle in 1'52"42 and Wong Ka Shing completed her breaststroke part in medley relay in 59"77. All of these three swimmers broke Macau's respective records.

  Regarding Dancesport, Macau sent 4 couples to join in Waltz, Tango, Quickstep and Latin. Wang Hong Xing and Chen Gui Jie entered in the semi-finals of Waltz and Tango, while Kuoc Wai Hong and Chan Iut Tim directly entered in Quickstep semi-final without preliminary.

  On November 14, Macau Futsal team was in its last match competing Thailand. Cheng Ching Yang and Cheung Ji Yuen got two scores yet Macau lost the match by 2:15.

  Lam Man Ho, Jang Yong and Lei Wai Un represented Macau respectively in 55-57kg, 58-61kg and 67-71kg Muay events, respectively fight with Izadi Ghasabsaraei Masood from Iran, Thai opponent Tabtub Kowit and Japanese counterpart ABE, Michihito. Lam Man Ho also took part in 48-51 kg ritual dance event.

  Macau's athletic athletes showed their talents in Men 3,000m final and Men 60m hurdle race yesterday. Besides, sport climbing players from Macau were in men and women difficulty climbing events for the honors.

  Macau delegation completed all its events in futsal and sports climbing yesterday and will continue their efforts in dancesport, indoor athletics, indoor cycling, muay and short course swimming today.