Macau sport delegation returned with triumph to the host of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games 2005-11-20  MAIGOC

  After the closing ceremony of the 1st Asian Indoor Games in Bangkok Thailand, the China-Macau sport delegation headed by Chef-de-Mission Manuel Silvério and the President of Macau Olympic Committee Eddie Laam Wah Ying, returned with 3 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze medals on November 20. The closing of the 1st Asian Indoor Games means Macau will start its journey towards the Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games.

  The delegation was warmly welcomed back by Kao Yip students at the Macau International Airport yesterday afternoon. “Macau made a satisfactory achievement in the Games with 3 gold, 6 silver and 5 bronze medals. MAIGOC has sent an observation team to the Games with an intention to grow our experience in preparation for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. On the other hand, OCA hoped that the content of the opening and the closing ceremonies of the next edition could be enriched. The Council also suggested MAIGOC to increase three to six sports on top of the existing nine, of which the number of the events should be reduced. To strengthen the tie with MAIGOC, OCA shall send technicians to Macau in December with an aim to discuss matters related to broadcasting, and in January next year another group of technicians will arrive for competition issues.” Manuel Silvério said upon the arrival.

  “At the closing ceremony, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Chui Sai On received the OCA flag, which symbolized that Macau officially became the host city of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. Members of Sports Committee and Consultative Council have gained much experience in this trip. Macau has confidence in hosting a successful 2nd Asian Indoor Games two years later.” added Manuel Silvério.

  In order to well prepare for the Asian Indoor Games, MAIGOC staff members from different working fields were arranged to visit the competition zones of the Games in Bangkok, Pattaya, Suphanburi and Phuket. Through the visits, the delegates have grown experience in terms of venue arrangement, IT facilities, promotions, hospitality service, press conference and seeking solutions to unexpected issues. Conclusions of the observation will certainly bring about better understanding of the organization of the Indoor Asian Games, which will benefit to the success of the Macau 2007, 2nd Asian Indoor Games.

  Eddie Laam Wah Ying is pleased that Macau can take the hosting right of the 2nd Asian Indoor Games. “I am glad that Macau has made good achievement in the Games as a result of athletes’ vigorous trainings. I hope Macau athletes will continue their efforts for the development of the local sport circle.” said he.

  Ahead of Macau is a new mission that demands greater courage and resolution. Eddie Laam promised that MOC will work with the local community to prepare for the 2nd Asian Indoor Games.