MAIGOC presents progress report in Guangzhou 2005-09-07  MAIGOC

  The chairman of the board of directors of the organising committee of the second Asian Indoor Games, Manuel Silverio, will lead an 18-member delegation to Guangzhou for the 24th general assembly of the Olympic Council of Asia.

  During the three-day visit to the capital of Guangdong province, Mr Silverio will present a progress report on the preparations for the second Asian Indoor Games, Macau 2007, to the general assembly of the OCA and to the OCA executive committee.

  Mr Silverio also has a meeting on Thursday, September 8, with a delegation from the organising committee of the sixth Winter Asian Games (WAGOC), which will be held in Changchun, China.

  WAGOC officials were keen to meet with Mr Silverio to discuss holding promotional activities for the Changchun Winter Games during the fourth East Asian Games in Macau from October 29 to November 6. They are also preparing to visit Macau to gain first-hand experience of staging an international multi-sports event.

  Present at this meeting will be An Li, vice president of WAGOC and the deputy mayor of Changchun, and Guo Zhongjun, vice secretary of WAGOC, vice president of the Chinese Skating Association and director of the Changchun Sports Institute.

  Mr Silverio believes that the trip to Guangzhou will be of great benefit, not only by updating the delegates from all over Asia on the preparations for the 2007 Asian Indoor Games, but also because they will be able to share knowledge and experience of hosting major international sports events.

  The organising committee of the 16th Asian Games, Guangzhou 2010, also prepared a tour for the MAIGOC delegates from Macau.